Ataxia Investigators Meeting (AIM)

The Fifth Ataxia Investigators Meeting took place March 18-21, 2014 at Bally’s in Las Vegas, Nevada.


AIM 2014 Investigators Group Shot

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The National Ataxia Foundation has hosted these meetings where world-leading ataxia clinicians and scientists attend to help accelerate world-wide ataxia research by advancing the understanding of ataxia disease mechanisms and in facilitating the push towards therapies for this class of diseases.

Attendance is intended for scientists and physicians who are actively involved in ataxia research. Please contact Sue Hagen for information about the 2016 Ataxia Investigators Meeting.



Thank you to the following for their generous support of AIM 2014:

  • An Anonymous Donor
  • ApoPharma
  • Ataxia UK
  • Ataxia Ireland
  • Ataxion
  • Athena Diagnostics, Inc.
  • A-T Children’s Project
  • BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.
  • Bob Allison Ataxia Research Center
  • Friedreich’s Ataxia Research Alliance (FARA)
  • Gordon and Marilyn Macklin Foundation
  • National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS)
  • The Foundation of Ataxia Charlevoix-Saguenay