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Denver, CO – March 6-8, 2015

Audio Presentations synched with PowerPoint Presentations can be purchased through Digital Conference Providers at: Some presentations are available to view for free. An order form is also provided here…

Note: All presentations are in PDF unless otherwise indicated.


NAF Update (Power Point) (65 MB) (PDF)
Michael Parent, Executive Director
National Ataxia Foundaton – Minneapolis, MN

NAF Research Update (Power Point) (21 MB) (PDF)
Laura Ranum, PhD
University of Florida – Gainesville, FL

Becoming an Adult with Ataxia (Power Point) (10 MB) (PDF)
Abigail Collins, MD
Children’s Hospital Colorado – Aurora, CO

Relationships & Sexuality (Power Point) (3 MB) (PDF)
Theresa Chase, MA, ND, RN
Colorado Mesa University – Grand Junction, CO


10 Basic Financial Steps for Special Needs Caregivers with Q&A (143 KB PDF)
Bruce Squires, CLU
Englewood, CO

Physical Therapy (Power Point) (1 MB) (PDF)
Julie Hartman, PT, DPT 
Craig Rehabilitation Hospital – Englewood, CO

Implications of Genetic Testing & Ataxia on Families (Power Point)
(2 MB) (PDF)
Melissa Gibbons, MS, CGC 
Children’s Hospital Colorado – Aurora, CO

Personal Story: My Journey with Ataxia (Power Point) (1 MB) (PDF)
Michael Cammer, CPASG Co-Leader – Downingtown, PA

Medical Marijuana: A role in the Ataxias? (Power Point) (2 MB) (PDF)
Terry Fife, MD 
St. Joseph’s Barrow Neurological Institute – Phoenix, AZ


Adaptive Recreation (Power Point) (77 MB) (PDF)
Matt Feeney, Director of Advancement 
Adaptive Adventures – Lakewood, CO

Adaptive Technology, Accessible Housing, and Home Modification (Power Point) (5 MB) (PDF)
Naomi Hubert, MEd 
Barrier Free Living – Denver, CO

Strategies for Living with Ataxia (Power Point) (1 MB) (PDF)
Bailey Vernon, MPH, CHES 
Johns Hopkins University-Lutherville, MD

The Ataxias: Research in FRDA, SCA, MSA (Power Point) (2 MB) (PDF)
Susan Perlman, MD 
University of California – Los Angeles, CA

Take Home Message (Power Point) (11 MB) (PDF)
Brent Fogel, MD, PhD 
University of California – Los Angeles, CA

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