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Desenvolvendo um interruptor liga/desliga para terapia gênica

Escrito por Dr Hannah K Shorrock Editado por Dr Larissa Nitschke Traduzido por Ana Carolina Martins Composto modificadores de “splicing” podem regular se a terapia gênica está ou não ativa A terapia gênica é uma estratégia terapêutica incrivelmente versátil que pode ser usada para tratar doenças monogênicas. A terapia gênica Read More…

Developing an ON/OFF switch for gene therapy

Written by Dr Hannah K Shorrock Edited by Dr Larissa Nitschke Splice modifying compounds can regulate whether or not gene therapy is active Gene therapy is an incredibly versatile therapeutic strategy that can be used to treat monogenic disorders. Gene therapy can inactivate or silence mutant gene transcripts, edit the Read More…

Sunrise of Gene Therapy for Friedreich’s Ataxia

Written by Dr. Marija Cvetanovic   Edited by Dr. Ronald Buijsen Researchers from the University of California show they can “edit” the Frataxin gene in human cells from Friedreich’s Ataxia and transplant them into mice. This lays the groundwork for this method to be tested for safety. Friedreich’s ataxia is a Read More…

Snapshot: What are stem cells?

Embryonic and adult stem cells Stem cells are cells that provide new cells during growth, and replace cells that are damaged or lost during life. They have the following two important properties that enable them to do this: The ability to develop (differentiate) into many other, different cell types, for Read More…

Snapshot: What is CRISPR?

A common nuisance for bacteria is the bacteriophage: a virus that uses the internal machinery of a bacteria to replicate its own genetic material. Bacteriophages do this by latching onto bacteria and injecting their DNA into the cell. As the cell grows and divides, the bacteriophage’s hope is that their Read More…

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