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Oxidative Stress

Snapshot: What is Omaveloxolone?

March 2023 Update: SKYCLARYS™ (Omaveloxolone) has become the first FDA-approved treatment for Friedreich’s Ataxia. You can learn more about SKYCLARYS™ at this link. This Snapshot was written in May 2020 after initial positive results were shared about Omaveloxolone. A new therapeutic compound shows promise to treat Friedrich’s ataxia. What is Read More…

Mitochondrially Stressed

Written by Dr. Judit M. Pérez Ortiz Edited by Dr. Brenda Toscano Márquez Scientists describe how SCA2 oxidative stress can affect mitochondrial function, and potentially how to fix it Mitochondrial Stress We all have experienced stress. When cramming for an exam last minute, or getting ready for a job interview, Read More…

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