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$1 million annual fund to accelerate our ability to improve the lives of those living with Ataxia.


Accelerate is designed to raise funds in order to speed up our advocacy efforts, including:

  • New legislation important to our community and progress
  • Add more resources for the 65+ support groups
  • Educate our community about genetic testing including providing genetic counseling and testing for all those living with Ataxia 
  • Create a national, regional, and local Ataxia Awareness campaign to accelerate the understanding of Ataxia.


Leah was diagnosed with Ataxia in 2017. She has an unknown type of Ataxia. Mark was invited to get involved with NAF by our Director of Development Joel Sutherland in 2018. Since then, Mark has created several fundraisers and raised thousands of dollars to support the mission, Leah, and all those living with Ataxia. Leah has been there to support Mark through all of his efforts. 

Meet Leah

“I’d like everyone in our community to be involved and aware of Accelerate.”

Meet Mark

“Leah’s diagnosis hit us hard. As soon as that happened, I decided I need to do more.”


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Number of One-Time Gifts
Monthly Impact Partners


You have the power to have an incredible influence on the Ataxia community through Accelerate! You can make this difference through a one-time gift, starting a monthly contribution, creating a fundraiser around your passions, or simply spreading awareness to those around you. Accelerate is all about making a big impact and doing it quickly. That is what our community asks for and deserves.


A gift of $25 can make an impact, $100 can pay for an hour of Ataxia research, and $400 is equal to a travel grant for AAC. Every little bit adds up to make a big difference for the Ataxia community!

Become a Monthly Impact Partner

Impact Partners are a passionate and determined group of monthly givers who are on a mission to find a cure for Ataxia in our lifetime. People like you, who give what they can to help us offer Ataxia research grants, provide educational programs for Ataxia families, and offer support services in local communities around the country. $100 could pay for an hour of Ataxia research, which is about $9 a month.

Start a Fundraiser

Create an event around something you love! This could be a local event or a Facebook Fundraiser. Golf tournaments, poker nights, tea parties, community barbecues, and galas are just a few examples of events that others have hosted to raise money for the Ataxia community. Take your passion and use it for a good cause! 

Tell Your Donor Story

Your story can inspire others and help them understand the meaning of giving to help others through their Ataxia journey. Tell us about your personal story with Ataxia and why you have given to NAF.


We appreciate our generous supporters!


To discuss how you can become a part of Accelerate!, contact:

Joel Sutherland
Development Director

Jon Wegman
Development Manager

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