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NAF offers monthly newsletters and educational webinars to our members. NAF membership includes the following:

  • Persons with heredity or Sporadic Ataxia, their families, and friends.
  • Medical and scientific community involved in Ataxia research.

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Ataxia support groups are a great source of information at the local level. They are also opportunities to network and learn from peers. Feel free to reach out directly to a support group leader in your area.

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The National Ataxia Foundation provides these downloadable Fact Sheets for free. Click the icon or title to download the fact sheet.

General Fact Sheets (PDF Links)

If you were recently diagnosed and don't know where to start, this fact sheet will provide you with things to do next.

Information about Ataxia and NAF.

Printable business card explaining Ataxia symptoms.

Frequently asked questions about Ataxia classification

Frequently asked questions about Ataxia

A list of resources available from the National Ataxia Foundation.

Fact sheet about brain tissue donation for Ataxia patients.

Directions and diagrams for an exercise program for those with Ataxia.

Information about genetic testing for Ataxia.

Educational discussion of medications for Ataxia symptoms.

Tips about how to have a productive neurologist appointment.

A look at how to access a new medication for a rare disease after it has been approved by the FDA.

This resource was created by FARA.

Fact Sheets by Ataxia Type

Fact sheet about Episodic Ataxia.

Fact sheet about FA.

Fact sheet about FXTAS, provided by the National Fragile X Foundation

Fact sheet about Immune-Mediated Ataxia.

Fact sheet about SCA3, also known as Machado-Joseph Disease.

Fact sheet about SCA10.

Fact sheet about SCA14.

Fact sheet about Sporadic Ataxia and MSA

Fact Sheets by Language

Las Preguntas Más Frecuentes Acerca De La Ataxia

Topical Fact Sheets, Printable Articles, or Books

Children with Ataxia

Children with Ataxia 2nd. ed.

Frequently asked questions about cognition and emotion in cerebellar disorders.

Financial planning questions and resources.

Information about sleep disorders and Ataxia.

This booklet reviews information about dominantly inherited forms of Spinocerebellar Ataxia (SCA) and genetic testing for SCAs.

Information about genes, DNA and cause of genetic disease.

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