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Partnering With Us

Interested in partnering with the National Ataxia Foundation in your Ataxia drug development program?

The NAF Drug Development Collaborative is designed to address shared challenges and opportunities in Ataxia therapy development.

The Collaborative provides a centralized source of Ataxia expertise, patient registry and natural history data plus a collection of curated/annotated biospecimens to support preclinical and clinical R&D. 

NAF, together with its communities of researchers and families (research collaborators), supports both pre-competitive and proprietary clinical studies. The goal is to accelerate the development of meaningful treatments for Ataxias through integration of patient knowledge and Ataxia scientific/clinical expertise into all stages of therapy development. 

NAF will coordinate and host collaborative meetings to accelerate the development of biomarkers and other enabling data that will help all product developers collectively.  

Membership is open to all industry within the Ataxia space; an annual fee structure to support the ongoing needs of the Collaborative is required of participants. Contact Sue Hagen  for more information and annual fees.

Resources Of The Collaborative

Patient Registry Data

Natural History Data

Biosample Collection

Patient Reported Outcome Data

Annual Exclusive Meetings

Exclusive Sponsorship

Current Members

Interested in becoming a member of the Collaborative? Contact Susan Hagen at

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