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Ataxia Clinical Training (ACT)

Two-day program to acquire practical knowledge about the diagnostic investigation and treatment of the Ataxias.


NAF’s Ataxia Clinical Training (ACT) program will debut in Orlando, FL on March 18, 2022. There are 35-40 slots available for this training opportunity. The primary objective of this training session is to acquire practical knowledge about the diagnostic investigation and treatment of the Ataxias through a series of didactic talks by clinicians who have significant experience in this area. The attendees will also be introduced to ongoing research in the field of Ataxia and will have the ability to personally interact with patients and families affected by a wide-spectrum of Ataxic disorders. The ACT will include topics on diagnostic approach to Ataxias, heredodegenerative and Acquired Ataxias, neurogenetics of Ataxias, treatment of Ataxia, and research on Ataxia.

Ataxia Clinical Training

Selected Fellows will have the ability to interact with Ataxia experts, many of whom are reputable clinicians and scientists, and explore opportunities for specializing in this field which has a need for new talent and ideas given we are ushering in an era of cutting-edge molecular, biopharmaceutical and bioengineering tools which hold significant promise for the cure of neurodegenerative disorders. The highlight of the ACT will be in-person interactions between fellows and patients affected by a wide-spectrum of Ataxic disorders. Very few conferences offer the opportunity to bolster didactic knowledge with clinical experience making this course unique in its training scope.

Selected attendees will arrive on March 17 and depart by March 19. Travel support will be provided by NAF and its sponsors. The finalized agenda for the meeting will be distributed to attendees who are committed to attending.


We invite movement disorders fellows to participate in this program and gain clinical and scientific knowledge to effectively treat patients and families affected by Ataxia.

To be considered for this training, we request

  1. A brief letter of interest from each fellow, approved by the fellowship director, about why they would like to participate in this program.
  2. Name and contact information of the fellow and their program.

Correspondence should be addressed to Sue Hagen, NAF Research Services Director at susan@ataxia.org.


All ACT attendees are invited to the off-site outing on Thursday, March 17 at Discovery Cove.

Join us at Discovery Cove for a tropical evening at the beach on Thursday, March 17 from 7pm to 10:30pm! Busses load promptly at 7pm outside the Caribe (Convention Center or Main Building?). Discovery Cove is a tranquil experience unlike any other – offering a paradise of rocky lagoons surrounded by lush landscaping, intricate coral reefs, waterfalls, gleaming white sandy beaches, and animal interactions. A buffet dinner will be provided at the Laguna Grill patio and white-sand beaches that overlooks the shimmering dolphin lagoons.

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