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Support Groups

Providing a variety of ways to connect with others affected by Ataxia.

NAF coordinates Support Groups as a way for the Ataxia community to connect and learn from others. There are more than 65 support groups and hundreds of meetings each year. Our volunteer Support Group Leaders provide this invaluable service to the community. There are in-person and virtual meeting options that vary by group.

US Support Groups

Select your state to reveal contact information for Support Groups in your area. If there are no Support Groups in your area, try one of our virtual support group options.

Download a printable, accessible version of this map: Accessible Support Group List

Interested in volunteering as a Support Group Leader or Co-Leader?
Contact Sarah Pilato, NAF’s Program Coordinator, at

International Support Groups & Ambassadors


Ataxia Support Group Canada

Susan Harding
Stittsville, Ontario
Phone #: 613-435-3791
Facebook Group: Ataxia Support Group Canada

Global Ataxia Support Group Leader

Amy DeLeon
Facebook Group: HFA community

Pakistan Ambassador

Sajjad Haider
Karachi, Pakistan 0092
Phone #: 300- 828-1784

Facebook Support Groups

NAF Community Ataxia Support Group

This is an online group for anyone affected by Ataxia. Persons with Ataxia, friends, and family members are all welcome!

Facebook Group: NAF Community

Under 30 Years Old with Ataxia Support Group

You must have Ataxia yourself and be ages 16-30 to join this group. Parents/Spouses/Friends of people with Ataxia are not permitted.

Shelbi Davenport

Evan Gress

Facebook Group: Under 30 With Ataxia

Spouses and Partners of Loved Ones with Ataxia Support Group

This group is for spouses and partners without Ataxia who have a spouse or partner with Ataxia. This is our spot to learn from one another, vent, have fun, and discuss topics important to us!

Dana Mauro
Facebook Group: Spouses and Partners

Parents of Kids with Ataxia Support Group

This group is for parents who have a child who has Ataxia. This is our spot to learn from one another, vent, have fun, and discuss topics important to us!

Stephanie Leonard
Facebook Group:
Parents of Kids With Ataxia


African Americans with Ataxia Support Group

This group is for African-Americans with Ataxia to connect with each other to share resources and experiences.

Letitia Diggs
Phone #: 202-386-8289

Veronica Denis

Facebook Group: African Americans with Ataxia

U-MATTER, Unbroken - Military Members with Ataxia Talking Team Room

This group is for Military & Veteran members who have been diagnosed with some form/type of Ataxia. This Team Room is a platform to share experiences and information related to Ataxia, as well as provide support, education, awareness, and discuss personal observations with each other to learn and become aware of how Ataxia affects individuals. ***Note*** This Team Room is also used to initiate (with members permission) a database of names and stories of how individuals became affected and to study if there is any correlation of what, if anything, we did, or environments we were exposed to during our military tenure, that caused symptoms to appear in persons with hereditary Ataxia’s or to cause Acquired Ataxias.

Mike DeRosa
Phone #: 919-478-5906
Facebook Group:
Military Members with Ataxia

Ataxia Resources and Discussion Group

This is a support group to talk about Ataxia, discuss and share peer-to-peer resources and share stories with one another in a social gathering. Our motto is “We are all in this together.”

Susan Stiles

Linda Allen

Facebook Group: Ataxia Resources and Discussion Group


30-55 Years Old with Ataxia Support Group

This is an Ataxia support group for people aged 30 to 55. We welcome members from any location!

Daniel Gavern

Facebook Group: 30-55 with Ataxia

55+ Years Old with Ataxia Support Group

You must have Ataxia yourself to join this group. Though we are grateful for the support of Parents/Spouses/Friends of people with Ataxia, this group is not for them. This is our spot to learn from one another, vent, have fun, and discuss topics important to us!

Jeanne Harrington

Facebook Group: Just Us Ataxians

Upcoming Meetings

Upcoming support group meetings can be found below. Click on a meeting for more detailed information about how to join. Feel free to join any virtual meeting, even if the support group is not in your area.

Interested in starting an Ataxia Support Group in your community?

We are always looking for volunteers to be a Support Group Leader. Email for more information. 

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