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NAF hosts educational webinars about Ataxia presented by industry experts. Learn about important topics related to living with Ataxia. Webinars are complimentary for NAF members. Join NAF to receive notices about upcoming Ataxia webinars. 

Browse the topics below to view a past webinar. Check back at a later date for new webinars. 

Recently Featured PrepRARE Webinars

PrepRARE: MERA Study for BIIB132 – A First in Human Clinical Trial for SCA3

Dr. Chuang, a a Medical Director in Early Clinical Development in the PD/Movement Disorders Neurodegeneration Unit at Biogen, discussed the SCA3 ASO (anti-sense oligonucleotide) study that is currently recruiting, review important aspects of Biogen’s clinical trial, and discuss how the drug will be studied for Ataxia.

An Intro to Drug Development for Ataxias

The process for developing new treatments for any disease is long and complicated. This webinar will break down the process that every potential new therapy must go through from early lab testing through clinical trials and finally FDA approval before it is available to all affected individuals. Updates on progress towards effective therapies for multiple forms of genetic and Sporadic Ataxia will also be presented, along with information on how patients and their families can become partners in this process.

Recently Featured Ataxia Webinars

Everyday Items for Accessible Living: Presented by Day Undefined

Day Undefined is an online marketplace that takes a fresh approach to adaptive products. They assess everyday household products and home technologies that might be helpful for individuals with physical disabilities based on real insights and experiences from the disability community. Join co-founders Liam Dougherty and Kate Leader to learn about some products that might be helpful to those affected by Ataxia.

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Chair Yoga & Mobility for People Affected by Ataxia

Join Natalie Marnica from SMYoga as she guides you through various movements, mobility exercises, and conscious breathing to maintain mobility and improve mental health. It is accessible for people in chairs and wheelchairs. No previous experience is necessary to attend.

Recently Featured Ask the Expert Webinars

May 2022

January 2022

NAF hosts Ask the Ataxia Expert every other month. View recordings of those sessions and find information for upcoming sessions at www.ataxia.org/asktheexpert.

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