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Ataxia Research

Accelerating development of treatments and a cure.

Since NAF’s founding in 1957, we have been a steady ally to Ataxia researchers, funding the best science in the U.S. and internationally. Our commitment to accelerating the development of treatments and a cure has resulted in important progress that has contributed to an understanding of the disease mechanism, gene identification, development of rating scales, and translational research. Our global research efforts have increased the number of scientists working on Ataxia, advancing new discoveries and treatments around the world. The National Ataxia Foundation will continue to be on the forefront of the fight to prevent, treat, and cure Ataxia.

Learn about the history of NAF’s Ataxia research funding.

Research We Fund

NAF is the only foundation in the U.S. that is dedicated to finding a cure for all types of Ataxia. We are a leader in the world for Ataxia research and have contributed to some of the most substantial discoveries made about the disease.

Photo of a large group of Ataxia researchers at a meeting

Get Involved in Research

Research alone can’t find the cure for Ataxia. Researchers need participation from people with Ataxia to get there. Here are things that you can do to help researchers develop new treatments and look for a cure:


To learn more about the clinical trial process, visit PrepRARE Clinical Trial Readiness.

To learn more about Ataxia research, visit SCAsource to read articles written by researchers for patients.

Researcher Resources

NAF works with the most knowledgeable, accomplished Ataxia researchers in the world. We are committed to providing the resources needed to pursue a cure and better quality of life for people with Ataxia. Below are a few of our initiatives that support the research community.

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