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National Ataxia Foundation


About Our Research

NAF is the only foundation in the U.S. that is dedicated to finding a cure for all types of Ataxia. We are a leader in the world for Ataxia research and have contributed to some of the most substantial discoveries made about the disease.

History of NAF Research

2022 Research

2021 Research

2020 Research

2019 Research

2018 Research

2017 Research

2016 Research

Research alone can’t find the cure for Ataxia. Researchers need participation form people with Ataxia to get there. Here are things that you can do to help researchers develop new treatments and look for a cure.

Ataxia Patient Registry

Clinical Trials

Research Participation

Natural History Study

Tissue Donation Program

Researcher Resources

NAF works with the most knowledgeable, accomplished Ataxia researchers in the world. We are committed to providing the resources needed to pursue a cure and better quality of life for people with Ataxia.

Research Grants

Ataxia Investigators Meetings

Recruit Research Participants

Access Patient Registry

SCA Global

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