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Unknown Ataxia without Family History

A collection of resources for individuals and families affected by an unknown type of Ataxia.

People affected by Ataxia may experience problems with using their fingers and hands, arms or legs, walking, speaking, swallowing, or moving their eyes. For complete information about symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of Ataxia, visit our What is Ataxia? page. 

Most types of Ataxia are caused by a genetic mutation that is passed on from parents to their children. However, in many cases, a person is diagnosed with Ataxia without the specific type being identified. This page contains NAF’s webinars that are specific to individuals with an unknown type of Ataxia who do not have any family members who have Ataxia. 

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Clinical Care for Unknown Ataxia without Family History

Presented by George “Chip” Wilmot, MD, PhD

Many people with Ataxia do not yet have a diagnosis for their disease. Our clinical expert joined us to take a look at the causes and symptoms of unknown Ataxia without a family history, the typical diagnostic journey for those affected, and what to expect for clinical care. 

Research into the Genetics of Unknown Ataxia without Family History

Presented by Brent Fogel, MD, PhD

Ataxia is a rare neurological disease that can have a wide array of genetic origins. While some forms of the disease have been identified, many people with Ataxia do not yet have a diagnosis for their disease. This webinar explores how the unknown Ataxias are studied and an overview of the current state of research and drug development.

NAF offers webinars on many topics to help you live better with Ataxia. Visit to find other helpful presentations.

Participate in Research and Treatment Development

Participating in a research study or clinical trial is one way to take an active role in furthering understanding and treatment of Ataxia. It is also a way to get access to new treatment options before they are widely available. To find studies that are enrolling patients, visit our Help Develop New Treatments page.

Research News

SCAsource provides Ataxia research news, directly from researchers to the Ataxia community. Visit SCAsource to see their full collection. Here is a collection of articles that are relevant to unknown types of Ataxia. 

Snapshot: What is Riluzole?

Riluzole, often sold under the trade name Rilutek, is a medication used for the treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). ALS is a fatal neurodegenerative disease that mainly affects neurons Read More…

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Working with cerebellar ataxia

Written by Dr. David Bushart Edited by Dr. Sriram Jayabal How can employment be made more accessible for ataxia patients? What barriers exist? A study of workers and non-workers with Read More…

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