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Ataxia Marketplace

A place to discover products that may be helpful to those living with Ataxia.

A partnership with Day Undefined.



Kate is a white woman wearing a black shirt and Liam is a white male wearing a white short sleeved shirt and a cross-body bag. There are plants in the background.

Image: Day Undefined co-founders Kate Leader (left) and Liam Dougherty (right).

Day Undefined is a marketplace of everyday products for accessible living. Founded by two members of the NAF community who were frustrated by the current product market, Day Undefined believes in creating a space to collect user-generated reviews, with real photos and videos from members of the physical disability community. 


Reviews come from individuals with diverse disability experiences, but in a way that should help anyone decide whether that product might be right for them. There is a reason and experience behind every product that we share, and we are constantly adding more. NAF and Day Undefined are thrilled to be partnering to help you discover useful products. 


This marketplace focuses on everyday household products, but we know that there is a lot more than that to accessibility. NAF provides a wide range of resources on its General Resources page and is happy to receive additional suggestions. But here are some other product collections that you might find relevant:

Marketplace of Adaptive Fashion Brands
A collection of brands and stores curated by Resource Universal:

Marketplace of Adaptive and Universal Shoe Brands
A collection of brands and stores curated by Resource Universal: 

Mobility Devices
Here are two major websites that provide information about mobility devices: 

State Assistive Technology Programs
States across America have lending programs for assistive technology, which you can use to borrow products for a period of time in order to help you better understand if they meet your needs and preferences. There is often a wide selection of products. Here is a personal experience with the Pennsylvania TechOWL Lending Library in 2022: 

“My sister borrowed a Liftware Level Spoon from the PA TechOWL Lending Library for free for five weeks. This is an expensive product (it costs around $200 dollars), so it was great that my sister could try it for an extended amount of time before deciding whether to invest in it.”

Use the following link to find the contact information for your state’s assistive technology program: 


Whatever the reason or feedback, we look forward to hearing from you!

NAF and Day Undefined do not offer medical advice. We are not medical professionals. Day Undefined are individuals who have disabilities or loved ones with disabilities and want to share real product experiences. Always consult your healthcare professionals for questions regarding your health.

Day Undefined is a disability-owned social enterprise. They are not paid to promote any products. NAF does not endorse any products and is not paid to promote any products.

We don’t think we have found the best solution for every accessibility problem, nor do we believe there is one blanket solution that fits for every person with a disability. Please contact us if you know of a better or alternative solution, or if there are certain products that you would like us to review.

To learn more about Day Undefined, watch this one-minute video.

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