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Bill Nye the Science Guy is speaking at the 2024 Annual Ataxia Conference! Register now.  LEARN MORE!

It’s not magic, it’s


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We are currently working on this page. Check back later to learn more about Bill Nye the Science Guy and his family’s experience with Ataxia.

Greetings! Bill Nye here. Thanks for coming to check out the National Ataxia Foundation. The word “ataxia” comes from Greek; it means “lack of order.” I think of it as “no-taxi,” no ability to walk around. There are several forms of Ataxia; they’re degenerative conditions of the nervous system that lead to loss of coordination and muscle control. In my family, our form of Ataxia causes difficulty walking and trouble with fine-motor movements. I am hopeful that by spreading awareness, we can come together to help further research efforts to better understand it. Please take some time to click around and learn more. Thank you for your support!

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