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Double your impact on the Ataxia community.

The 7th Annual Summer Match Challenge takes place through June 30th. The Michael and Patricia Clementz-Peterson Family Fund and an anonymous donor have pledged to match every donation, $ for $, up to $100,000! They offer this opportunity to double your impact because they believe in the work that we do. They know that this campaign will help us raise the money needed to offer impactful programs for those living with Ataxia.

Donate today because improving the lives of people living with Ataxia can’t wait.

Impact of Your Gift

NAF offers a variety of programs and services to the Ataxia community. Last year, we spent more than $3.3 million funding research and providing programs that directly support people living with Ataxia. Donations to this campaign support our mission of accelerating the development of treatments and a cure while working to improve the lives of those living with Ataxia.

A few ways that we deliver on our mission:

  • Provide direct funding for Ataxia research
  • Educate neurologists to improve clinical care for Ataxia patients
  • Lead collaboration efforts for those involved in Ataxia research and drug development
  • Connect people affected by Ataxia to create an atmosphere of support, education, and sharing
  • Advocate to policymakers to amplify the voice of the Ataxia community
  • Educate Ataxia patients, their families, and their caregivers about research, treatment development, and best practices for clinical care

Your donation means more support for persons affected by Ataxia, more education, and more research! Thank you for supporting NAF as we seek effective treatments for Ataxia and more support services for the families in our community.

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