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Care Partners

Support for those who provide care to loved ones with Ataxia. 

Care Partners have an essential role in the lives of their loved ones with Ataxia. Whether you are a parent, spouse, or other care partner, this series is for you! It will provide information on a variety of caregiving topics, such as daily care, care planning, self-care, and other specialized subjects. The goal of the Care Partners series is to provide guidance, strategies, and resources for those who provide care.

Upcoming Sessions

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“Thank you NAF for the Zoom presentation last week about caregiving, on giving and receiving. My husband and I participated in the Zoom and thought it informative, enlightening, and very worthwhile. The presenters were open and engaging. And we found them honest and open to talking about matters with ataxians sometimes not discussed. All the best!”

-Chris and Mick C (Regarding Support for Spouses and Partners Webinar)

Past Webinars

Support for Spouses and Partners

Care Partner Resources

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