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Day Undefined Partners with NAF

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Day Undefined! Our members can look forward to exclusive new resources created for the Ataxia community. Day Undefined, a company founded by two members of the NAF community, will bring you a new marketplace of accessible items for people with Ataxia, webinars, and newsletters. You’ll also have the opportunity to submit product reviews and suggest new items that others might find helpful. 

Their next webinar, Low-cost to No-cost: Everyday Products and Hacks Ranging from $20 to Free, will be on Thursday, February 16th at 12pm CST.

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About Day Undefined

Day Undefined is a marketplace of everyday products for accessible living. They provide user-generated reviews of products used by members of the physical disability community.

Day Undefined’s vision is to be a store for home goods and adaptive products that breaks down silos and stigma around disabilities, seeks to improve the product market, and promotes a culture of style, choice, and pride. Their mission is to build a cutting-edge marketplace of products curated and reviewed by individuals with disabilities and use that content and expertise to advance our vision.

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