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Carol Encourages Everyone to Share Their Story

Guest Author: Cherry McLoughlin, Western Washington Ataxia Support Group Co-Leader

How many of us have taken the time to put our stories to paper? Probably not very many. Yet, how many of us have a story to tell? All of us. Our stories can be about our Ataxia journey, life experiences and family ancestry. We are ALL an unwritten book. 

Carol Paige, a member of NAF and the very first member of the Western Washington Ataxia Support Group received a very thoughtful Christmas gift from her daughter, Linda. The gift was a “Storyworth” software program that simplifies the process of writing a book. 

At eighty one years old, Carol had a lot of stories to tell. As the family matriarch, she knows family history that may disappear when Carol is no longer able to share it. Can you identify with this? Most of us who have joined the AARP crowd can identify. 

By using “Storyworth”, Carol has completed a book that family members will cherish for generations to come. This computerized writing program gives you prompts, so that information goes into the story in an organized way. The print is large and easy to read and photographs can be added. At the end of the process, you can review the final product and do some touch up editing, then you go to print. Carol is, now, the proud author of a book. 

Carol feels very grateful to her Neurologist, Dr Pravin Khemani (Swedish Seattle) for strongly encouraging her to write this book. “With Dr. Khemani’s support, I found the courage to take on this project. Now, I’m so glad I did.” Thanks also go to Carol’s husband, Larry and her four children and grandchildren, who assisted with the whole process. Carol cherishes the fun family days where stories were told, then typed into the Storyworth program. 

If you have a story you want to tell, but don’t know how to even begin, then Carol recommends checking out Storyworth as a writing aid. 

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