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National Ataxia Foundation


Day: April 28, 2021

2021 NAF Funded Research

National Ataxia Foundation

At NAF, we support researchers in many ways, including our grant process. Research grants allow Ataxia investigators to request funding for their studies. Lay summaries are available below for the research grants we funded in 2021.  $655,000 Funded Overall 13 Research Studies Funded Research Seed Money Grants Research Seed Money Grants are available for new Read More…

Nancy Kochevar

I am 69. I became aware that something was wrong in 2016 when I lived in Southern California.   I started with my physician, went to an ENT had CT scans, and eventually went to UCLA. I had this strange feeling in my sinuses.    From there, I noticed that my speech became very strange, Read More…

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