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NAF Announces Core Values and Org Structure Changes

Our vision is clear: a world without Ataxia. Our mission guides the way that we pursue that vision: by accelerating the development of treatments and a cure while working to improve the lives of those living with Ataxia. As NAF grows, we wanted to identify the values that embody our organization, both for our community and for new board members and staff joining the team. These are principles that guide us in the work that we do and help define our company culture. We are proud to share NAF’s core values and some exciting announcements about our organizational structure.

Caring: We respect one another and those living with Ataxia.
Motivated: We use our passion to inspire our community to act NOW!
Collaborative: We evolve together and support each other to achieve our mission.
Impactful: We listen to our members to build creative, meaningful programs.
Accountable: We are transparent in our words, actions, and results.

Organizational Structure Updates

Since 1957, NAF has evolved from a family-run foundation, conducting bake sales to raise money for research into an unidentified, mysterious disease, to a professional organization that has funded millions of dollars in research and leads the way for awareness, advocacy, and support for families affected by Ataxia. The evolution has been made possible by a community that avidly supports our foundation and dedicated staff and Board of Directors who work tirelessly to carry out NAF’s mission.

In the last five years, our staff size has more than doubled. What does that mean for our members? More programs and increased support for our existing programs! These programs accelerate treatment development and work to improve the lives of those living with Ataxia. What does that mean for NAF? A need to modernize and standardize our organizational structure. We want to make sure that NAF is a place that attracts top talent to carry out our mission. We identified clear career paths in an organizational structure that allows us to deliver on our mission in an efficient and effective way.

NAF's Departments

We have 5 departments at NAF that are organized by function: Research, Community Services, Development, Operations, and Communications.

Research – Leads NAF’s research and clinical programs, including patient engagement. 

Community Services – Leads programs and services designed for improving quality of life for those living with Ataxia.

Development – Drives NAF’s revenue, working with donors, fundraisers, and organizations interested in supporting NAF’s mission.

Operations – Oversees the day-to-day functions of the organization, including HR, finance, and general management.

Communications – Leads NAF’s marketing efforts to bring information about each program to the community.

Executive-Level Changes

The career paths implemented created a new Vice President-level of management, as well as Senior-level options within each role at the organization. We are excited to announce a few changes to our executive-level leadership!

Chief Executive Officer - Andrew Rosen

Formerly referred to as our Executive Director, Andrew’s title has been updated to Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He continues to provide overall management, planning and leadership of the organization, making sure that NAF’s mission and vision are carried out. He works with the Board of Directors to establish policies and programs. 

VP, Operations and Community Services - Kyle Billadeau

Formerly our Finance Director, Kyle has accepted a promotion to VP of Operations and Community Services. She now provides overall management, planning, and leadership to the Operations and Community Services departments. 

VP, Research & Chief Scientific Officer - Lauren Moore, PhD

Formerly referred to as our Chief Scientific Officer, Lauren’s title has been updated to VP, Research & Chief Scientific Officer. She continues to provide overall management, planning, and leadership to the Research department. In addition, she leads NAF’s scientific strategy, engages with key stakeholders in academia and industry, and works to expand patient accessibility and engagement in clinical research.

VP, Development - Joel Sutherland

Formerly referred to as our Development Director, Joel’s title has been updated to VP, Development. He continues to provide overall management, planning, and leadership to the Development department.

A full list of staff, including our bio and information about each role is available on the About NAF page linked below.

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