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National Ataxia Foundation


Month: July 2021

Patsy Riggs

I had never heard of the word Ataxia and neither had my GP. My initial diagnosis didn’t take very long but I was not told I had Ataxia; the neurologist told me I had cerebellar degeneration. When I googled it, I discovered the word Ataxia. I emailed the Neurologist to confirm and he told me Read More…

Informed Consent Forms

Informed Consent

What is an Informed Consent Form (ICF)? Informed Consent Forms are important aspect of a clinical trial. An ICF is a document that provides a potential clinical trial participant information about the clinical trial and any risks there may be in participating. The goal behind the ICF is to present information about the trial to Read More…

Now Accepting LOIs for 2022 Ataxia Research Grants

National Ataxia Foundation

NAF is committed to providing the resources to fund research needed to develop treatments and therapies for people with Ataxia. We fund research studies ranging from $35,000-$100,000 per study. We are accepting Letters of Intent for research grants through late September and early October on proposalCENTRAL.  For more information visit www.ataxia.org/researcher-resources. If you have questions, contact Beth Bowerman, Read More…

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