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National Ataxia Foundation


Day: April 18, 2022

Spring 2022 Support Group Recaps

Virtual support group meetings will continue on through the spring months with several groups around the nation beginning to host in-person meetings and events. Read the latest support group meeting recaps here. Find an upcoming meeting to join at www.ataxia.org/events. Greater Atlanta Ataxia Support Group Meeting Recap – March 5th Submitted by Greg Rooks The Greater Read More…

2022 NAF Funded Research

National Ataxia Foundation

We’re excited to announce that NAF will award more than $850,000 in Ataxia research grants this year! This year’s funded projects will support research on 8+ genetic forms of Ataxia, from the most common to some of the rarest, as well as address shared disease pathways that could provide insights into ALL of the Ataxias. Read More…

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