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ICAR Wednesday Afternoon: Cerebellum, Therapy Development & Imaging

Written by Dr. Hannah Shorrock Edited by Celeste Suart Understanding non-motor functions and factors that govern differential vulnerability in the cerebellum will help to inform preclinical therapy development, from CRISPR to small molecules, and provides important considerations for imaging studies. The Wednesday afternoon series of talks at ICAR will begin Read More…

ICAR Wednesday Morning: Biomarkers & Neurons

Written by Sarah Donofrio and Dr. Hannah ShorrockEdited by Celeste Suart This morning ICAR speakers will discuss the processes in the brain and body that occur in ataxia. Talks will also include potential biomarkers for ataxia and neuroimaging techniques used to understand the disease. The morning session on November 2nd Read More…

ICAR Tuesday Afternoon: Partnership & Understanding Ataxia

Written by Dr. Hannah Shorrock and Sarah Donofrio Edited by Celeste Suart Developing innovative imaging techniques and leveraging a clear understanding of disease mechanisms will pave the way for clinical trial success in the ataxias. We will discuss cutting-edge research findings on these topics this afternoon! This session will feature Read More…

ICAR Tuesday Morning: Welcome to the Conference!

Written by Celeste Suart Edited by Dr. Hayley McLoughlin The first-ever International Congress for Ataxia Research is starting today! Want to learn more about what is happening at the meeting? This week, SCAsource and the National Ataxia Foundation will be posting Conference Previews of the sessions at ICAR. These previews Read More…

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