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2023 AAC


Ataxina-3 e a disputa entre a reciclagem mitocondrial e a morte celular

Escrito por Kaitlyn Neuman Editado por Dra. Chandana Kondapalli Traduzido para o português por Priscila Pereira Sena Induzir a morte celular ou degradar mitocôndrias adoecidas – essa é a questão: um novo papel da ataxina-3 como mediadora dessa decisão. Você já ouviu alguém dizer: “Eu posso parecer não estar fazendo Read More…

Snapshot: What is the Medulla Oblongata?

The nervous system is made up of two main components: the central nervous system, which consists of the brain and the spinal cord, and the peripheral nervous system, which consists of nerve cells that branch off the spinal cord and connect the central nervous system to the rest of the Read More…

A Continuous Effort Towards Treatment of SCA3

Written by Dr. Jorge Diogo Da Silva Edited by Dr. David Bushart How one research group assessed whether Rivastigmine, a Parkinson’s Disease drug, might have a role in treating SCA3 Spinocerebellar ataxia type 3 (SCA3), also known as Machado-Joseph disease (MJD), is the most common inherited ataxia worldwide. As with Read More…

Decorative digital drawing of the brain

Snapshot: What is the pons?

Brainstem – the part that connects and acts as a communicator between our brain and our spinal cord. The brainstem itself is composed of midbrain, pons, and medulla oblangata. Even minor injuries or disruptions to this neural communication and this region can have devastating consequences. The pons is a horseshoe-shaped Read More…

Developing therapeutically relevant biomarkers for SCA3

Written by Dr Hannah K Shorrock Edited by Dr Vitaliy V Bondar Measuring levels of polyQ ATXN3 proteins in cerebrospinal fluid and plasma distinguishes SCA3 patients from unaffected individuals For disease-modifying medicines or therapies to be approved for use in the clinic, the treatments must demonstrate success at meeting pre-set Read More…

Dieta rica em Creatina atrasa a SCA3 em camundongos

Escrito por Dr. Lauren R. Moore Editado por Dr.Larissa Nitschke. Inicialmente publicado em 5 de julho de 2019. Traduzido para o português por Ana Carolina Martins. A creatina, um suplemento alimentar comum tomado por atletas, atrasa sintomas e melhora o equilíbrio e força em camundongos com SCA3. Poderia um suplemento Read More…

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