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NAF Hosts First Ataxia Clinical Training

We are thrilled to inform you of an NAF-sponsored annual program called Ataxia Clinical Training (ACT). ACT has been developed for clinician-scientists committed to improving the lives of patients and caregivers affected with Ataxia. There is a shortage of well-trained specialists who are knowledgeable about clinical and scientific aspects of Ataxia, and it is our hope through programs like ACT that we will be able to bridge this gap and provide patients and families the care they need.

A Recap from the ACT Chair - Dr. Pravin Khemani

The first ACT meeting, held March 17-19, 2022 educated 32 participants in all aspects of Ataxia care. Perhaps some of you interacted with the trainees from various academic fellowship programs at the Annual Ataxia Conference’s Birds of a Feather sessions. ACT affords a unique space for trainees to directly interact with people with a wide spectrum of Cerebellar Ataxias. Very few conferences aim to consolidate learning in a similar manner by complementing didactic teaching with direct patient interaction. The last two days of ACT are structured to educate the attendees about fundamental clinical and scientific aspects of Ataxia. These talks are given by Ataxia specialists who have graciously agreed to share their clinical and scientific journey with the audience with the hope of inspiring the attendees to develop an interest in the treatment and research of Ataxia.

Previn Khemani, MD, FAAN

Although these are difficult times for everyone, we must press on in our endeavors to train specialists who will provide the best treatment to people affected by Ataxia. There is no better way to serve the Ataxia community than to educate health care providers who are enthusiastic about moving the Ataxia needle forward. The ACT is designed with this intention in mind. We are very grateful to our members and their families for partnering with NAF to educate the next generation of Ataxia experts.

With gratitude,

Pravin Khemani, MD
Movement Disorder Neurologist
Swedish Neuroscience Specialists
Member of NAF Medical Research Advisory Board

Quick Glance at ACT Stats

  • 31 Movement Disorder Fellows attended
  • 1 Practicing Neurologist who wanted to increase his knowledge of Ataxia
  •  15 Leading Ataxiologists provided lectures
  • 16 States represented
  • 2 attendees from Canada

ACT II will take place March 30-April 1, 2023 in Las Vegas, NV in conjunction with the Annual Ataxia Conference. For more information about ACT, contact Sue Hagen, Research Services Director at

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