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Impact Story

Celebrating a Milestone in Ataxia Research and Community Collaboration

Ataxia is complex; the diverse symptoms it presents makes every individual’s experience uniquely challenging. As a person ages, determining whether changes are caused by Ataxia or unrelated causes can be difficult, especially when symptoms impact the way a person thinks and feels.  It is important to understand Ataxia’s impact beyond Read More…

The Ruehl Family

When Charlie Ruehl was in high school, his mom Susan recalls he would always miss the same step at the bottom of their staircase. She chalked it up to him being off-balance and in a hurry—after all, he was an athletic, teenage boy and he was always running off to Read More…

Dr. Tee: The Journey of a Pioneer in Ataxia Research and Patient Care

While some begin their careers with a specific specialization – ready to focus on making a difference in a certain field – Dr. Tetsuo Ashizawa’s path to becoming an internationally acclaimed physician scientist specializing in Ataxia was anything but predetermined. Born in Tokyo in 1948, Dr. Tee, as he prefers Read More…

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