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2023 AAC

2021 AAC Is Going Virtual

Author: Lori Shogren, Community Program and Services Director

A Note About the 2021 Annual Ataxia Conference

We know how valuable it is for those living with Ataxia and their caregivers to come together in person at our annual conference to gain strength from shared experiences. The current COVID-19 pandemic necessitates a new approach to many aspects of life—particularly those that involve gathering together in large groups. After much consideration and input from our community and NAF’s Medical and Research Advisory Board, we have decided to move forward with plans to hold the 2021 AAC in a virtual format. Our priority is to ensure the welfare of all attendees. In addition, many months of planning go into holding AAC, and NAF has to make financial commitments to the hotel and other vendors well ahead of the event itself. We believe this is the right decision to make for our community. Please know that we are committed to holding in-person events again as soon as it is entirely safe to do so.

Now for the good news! By creating a virtual environment for AAC, the conference will be accessible to all, regardless of ability or willingness to travel. We will be leveraging the expert knowledge of our community in developing the infrastructure needed to make the 2021 AAC an outstanding experience. Opportunities to share your feedback will be offered over the next few months. We will maintain our conference objectives: networking, education, information, inspiration and fun! The conference will continue to address the many impacts that the community faces, especially during these unprecedented times.

Thank you for your patience and support as we continue to work out the details on this change. Stay tuned!

Lori Shogren
Community Program and Services Director

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