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National Ataxia Foundation

2023 AAC

Louise Estabrook

Louise Estabrook

The National Ataxia Foundation serves as a constant reminder for so many that we are not alone on this journey. The network and support provided by the NAF have enabled my family and me to find strength through this battle knowing that any success we achieve is not solely for our benefit but for the benefit of us all. After being diagnosed with SCA Type 3, I changed my diet to try to improve my symptoms. Changing my lifestyle to accommodate a new diet was a difficult challenge. While the support of my family made it easier, my real strength came from knowing that if I was successful I could hopefully help others improve their symptoms, too. Since then, I have shared my success with others who suffer from similar symptoms which has helped me realize the importance of having a support group. The NAF has provided a platform through which we teach and share our experiences, encouraging each other to live the best life possible. Through the NAF, we are one, and we fight, overcome, and survive as one.

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