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Ian Bouras

Ian Bouras

My name is Ian C. Bouras. I love to play the guitar and produce music. I first noticed symptoms when I was struggling to play something on the guitar. I went to go see a doctor about my coordination and was diagnosed with Ataxia.

Strangely, life before Ataxia felt very guided, as I always felt there were certain paths we are expected to take. With Ataxia, I feel less stressed about following an expected path, as I am now in “uncharted  waters.”

I’m inspired a lot by nature. I’m also very inspired by my emotions, many of which relate to Ataxia. There aren’t many other people that can share those feelings, and I think that’s something that makes anyone with Ataxia incredibly unique. I have always wanted to make an impact, and now I can do this by finding ways to continue to play guitar, to show that whatever hinders you can also make you stronger.

Ataxia is an opportunity to be an innovator, and travel on paths less traveled. It is simply a roadblock to find your way around, which can allow you to do things that have never been done before. I hope to continue playing music and spreading awareness about Ataxia. I have a record label that I’m hoping to get going strong, but there never seems to be enough time for everything. I also plan to write and record my own music, in hopes to show that there is something special that comes when pushed in a new direction. Ataxia is not just a hindrance, it is an opportunity to push myself to do something that has never been done before. #AtaxiaAwareness

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