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NAF Participates in Global Initiative for Ataxia Research

SCA Global Launches Website

The inaugural meeting of the SCA Global initiative was held at NAF’s Annual Ataxia Conference in April of 2018. Researchers from around the world created a global collaboration in clinical research efforts for Spinocerebellar Ataxias (SCA). SCA Global was created to address the obstacles that clinical investigators are having with a lack of natural history study data and validated biomarkers for Ataxia. SCA Global set the following goals:

  • Better understand the manifestation, evolution and impact of various SCA’s.
  • Develop and validate biomarkers which can be used in future interventional trials
  • Facilitate access to people with SCA’s who are willing to participate in clinical trials

The SCA Global website will provide comprehensive information about SCAs including current news on scientific developments, ongoing studies for people with SCAs, and information for health professionals. Sue Hagen, NAF’s Patient and Research Services Director, has been appointed to serve on the SCA Global Steering Committee. These are exciting times for international Ataxia research efforts that will move us closer to treatments and a cure.

Visit SCA Global at

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