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David Henry

David Henry Jr.

It is a “Funny thing,” now looking back at what caused me to seek a diagnosis. Yeah, spending some quality time in jail caused me to get motivated to find some answers. It is really plain to see God’s powerful, loving, and guiding hand in the diagnosis process. Even the jail was ‘not really that bad,’ but it did get my attention nonetheless. Even though I passed the breathalyzer, my blood was drawn at the local Hospital because I could not walk in a straight heal – to – toe line. Cleared of any and all alcohol in my system, it was assumed that I was on “some” drug just cause my pupils were a bit ‘JUMPY.’

Within a short year, I was clinically diagnosed with an unknown form of SCA. Even though I did not know what a life diagnosed with Ataxia held, I NEVER second guessed who it was that held me in the gentile palm of His hand – not only was this NOT a surprise to Him, He had a plan for my ultimate good. How extremely comforting that was for me.

Now the work starts, yes I trusted God with every last detail of my life, but He provided me with a BRAIN and commanded that I use it to bring Him glory. Now it was my duty to do the best that I could and He would supply the means for me to do that. I needed to do some good research, NAF’s home page ( ) was not the only source I found, but it proved to be the best, most concise, yet complete and 100% understandable. In my seeking a diagnosis I missed the 1999 National Ataxia conference but started making plans to be at the 2000 AAC (Annual Ataxia Conference) in Biloxi, MS. It was well worth the wait. Not counting that first year, I’ve only missed one Ataxia Conference since I was diagnosed.

With the abundance of information gained from the NAF’s home page, I gleaned information from the Ataxia FAQ, the research information, events, resource links, other support groups, blogs, bulletin boards, yes even “chat – room discussions” I almost feel adequate to facilitate the North Texas area Ataxia support group – some times. But knowing that the National Ataxia Foundation with all their great staff is just an email or phone call away makes it possible.

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