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2023 AAC

Norman Heryford

I have Ataxia and encephalitis; Spinocerebellar Atrophy (SCA) was “identified” from a MRI in 1990.  

The SCA is an evolving situation, from stumbling, to walker, to wheelchair.  I’ve been housebound for many years (the Covid virus doesn’t seem a big deal.).  Some think Agent Orange is the cause and other doctors think the problem is hereditary (I say ‘why not both’).  

I do some exercise-program and my wife fixes very nutritious meals.  I move around with my electric wheelchair and the electric scooter.  I’m seventy years-old; life is different but no big problem.  It is progressive and has no cure; why not just live with the SCA and enjoy what you can.  

About Norman

Norman Heryford was born in Redding, CA, and raised in Weaverville in northern CA. He worked for Smithsonian Institution, US Army as Entomologist, and US Forest Service as a Timber Technologist.

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