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Ataxia Burpee Challenge


Guest Author: Courtney Ng

Hope for Ataxia is pleased to present the virtual fundraiser, The Ataxia Burpee Challenge, to raise much needed funds for the National Ataxia Foundation. 

Please donate or sign up here: You can sign up as a solo participant quickly and easily. After you have clicked “Become a Fundraiser”, the site gives you an option to join an existing team or create a new one. We recommend teaming up with people you know in the Ataxia community. If you don’t know anyone, consider creating a team and asking friends to get involved.

For every $1 raised, we suggest doing a burpee, however you can change the number of dollars per burpee or do modified burpees. Whether you’ll be taking the challenge on solo or working with a team, at home or in the park, you can take action to improve the present and future of Ataxia around the world. Challenge yourself and people you know to raise funds for a worthy cause.  You can donate in support of someone taking the challenge or join a team and take on the challenge yourself. 

Watch the live stream Saturday, June 26 from 12-2PM EST on our Facebook and YouTube pages to hear from the community and do your burpees in a supportive environment. 

For more details, please visit:


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