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Exciting Tech Tools That Can Help Individuals with Disabilities Grow Their Career

Guest Author: Linda Chase, Able Hire

In today’s technology-driven world, the importance of tech in career development for individuals with disabilities, such as Ataxia, cannot be overstated. This article delves into various technologies that can be utilized to enhance professional opportunities and achieve career success. It provides insights into how embracing these tools can help you build a fulfilling career that is tailored to your unique skills and circumstances.

Effective Online Networking

Networking has transformed in the digital age, yet the fundamentals of making connections remain unchanged. Online networking means more than just adding contacts on professional sites; it involves engaging meaningfully with peers through comments, direct messaging, and virtual meetups in order to not only put your name out there but also to connect with like-minded individuals. While the digital realm offers extensive networking opportunities, remember the value of in-person events. Attending these can provide direct interaction and forge stronger connections, ensuring you have a well-rounded networking strategy. This blend of digital and physical networking can significantly expand your professional network and enhance your career prospects. 

Check out “Inclusive and Accessible Social Media: Tools and Technology to Empower You” from NAF’s 2023 Annual Ataxia Conference,  for ideas on how to get started.

Utilize Screen Sharing Technology

Screen-sharing technology is an excellent facilitator for collaborative projects and presentations, especially if mobility is a challenge. This technology allows you to share your work in real-time with colleagues or potential employers. It also serves as a critical tool during remote meetings, ensuring you can participate fully and effectively from any location. Additionally, using screen sharing during job interviews can help you showcase your qualifications and work samples directly, making a compelling case for your candidacy.  

Take A Look At Assistive Devices

In recent years, the integration of assistive devices into workplaces has been a game-changer for individuals with disabilities, and there are more options to choose from than ever. Screen readers and braille keyboards are perfect for those who are living with vision impairments, while map applications make navigating public spaces and office buildings a breeze. Take a look at some of the available devices and apps available today and assess your specific needs.

Check out NAF’s Marketplace, which features products that might be helpful to those with Ataxia.

Leverage Job Search Apps and Online Platforms

Job search apps and online freelance platforms are indispensable in today’s job market. These tools allow you to filter opportunities that best match your skills and offer remote or flexible work arrangements. By setting up alerts, you can stay informed about the latest opportunities without needing to constantly search. These platforms are also excellent for finding freelance and consulting roles, providing a way to build your portfolio and gain experience in a variety of projects. By effectively utilizing these platforms, you can tailor your job search to positions that truly fit your unique skills and career goals. 

Enable Voice Control

Voice control technology allows individuals who have limited mobility to speak commands rather than use a keyboard or mouse. This is especially helpful for those who have issues with upper body strength, providing an easy and efficient way to do anything from create reports to engage in online searches. If your company doesn’t have access to this technology, your state may be able to provide the equipment on loan.  Learn more about that option in the “Other Resources” section of NAF’s Marketplace.

The integration of technology in career development is not just beneficial but necessary for leveling the playing field, especially for individuals with disabilities. By embracing the digital tools and strategies outlined above, you can navigate your career path with confidence and success. The journey might be unique, but the destination of a thriving career is well within your reach. 


Disclaimer: We are dedicating to providing Ataxia resources to the community. Sharing this information and/or mention of products or services does not imply endorsement of any product or company by NAF. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment and before undertaking a new health care regimen, exercise, treatment, or nutritional supplement.

About the Author

Linda Chase created Able Hire to help people with disabilities build rewarding, successful careers. She hopes Able Hire will be a resource for people with disabilities seeking jobs and for hiring managers seeking a better understanding of what people with disabilities have to offer. 

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