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NAF Statement on Racism and Social Injustice

We have been shaken, saddened, and angered by the death of George Floyd here in NAF’s hometown of Minneapolis. We have also been strengthened by the peaceful anti-racism protests that have swept the country, and the necessary conversation that is occurring. The National Ataxia Foundation condemns all forms of racism and social injustice. We are hopeful that this long-needed national awakening will, finally, lead to real change.
Our mission at NAF is to improve the lives of persons affected by Ataxia through support, education, and research. As you know, Ataxia does not discriminate. We have nearly 5,000 members of NAF, and thousands more who follow us on social media, attend conferences and support groups, and give generously via donations. You represent the spectrum of diversity that makes our community so strong in the face of this debilitating disease. We have always been an advocate for those with Ataxia, whose condition makes them vulnerable to discrimination. We also believe it is important to improve racial equality for patients who suffer from Ataxia. NAF is committed to listening to our community, evaluating our own actions, and doing our part. This includes continuing to build awareness of Ataxia through advocacy efforts at a national level.
In addition, following lengthy discussions among NAF’s staff, Board of Directors, and Medical and Research Advisory Board, NAF will take the following steps:
  1. Acknowledge health disparities that affect racial and ethnic minorities in the United States, and work toward ensuring equal access to clinical care, research studies, and clinical trials.
  2. Work collaboratively with other Ataxia-related organizations to attract racial and ethnic minorities to the fields of Ataxia research and clinical care.
  3. In order to better mirror the community of people we serve, we will develop a plan to increase racial and ethnic diversity among NAF’s Board of Directors and office staff.
We want to hear from you. Please submit comments or suggestions.
Thank you

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